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The Mercury Oracle



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Playfully, the raven flies in loops and spirals; he is a master of his domain and performs his tricks simply because he can. The magical prowess of Raven is vast. He is a psychopomp, a messenger of the underworld. Often mistaken as merely a symbol of death, Raven carries much more complex messages, so much so that he will learn words and speak to you in your language.
When Raven visits us, we must carefully discern his messages. He is often a doorway to new worlds and will show us how to ignite our magic to bend space and time to our will through deep healing. Raven is confident in his ability to show us the way.
Metaphors: partnership, the mystery of life and death, playful execution, communication, magic, deep healing, confidence, the underworld,

This expansions includes 1 card and 1 page booklet entry

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