Opening Doors

The Mercury Oracle, crafted by artist NEEFF, is a practical and evolving companion in the realm of divination. Its 88-card core deck serves as a standalone divination powerhouse, providing reliable guidance for those seeking profound insights. For the curious, the Oracle's magic lies in experimentation, turning the deck into a Mercurian multitool. Users can mix and match expansion cards for a personalized experience, uncovering new mystical doors. For instance, with the addition of the alphabet, the Mercury Oracle can now function like a ouija.

Inspired by the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s and early turn of the century occult research, the Oracle's visual language nods to gestalt designs and classroom learning aids. Its depths echoe the spirit of exploration, tapping into the collective wisdom of bygone eras. The Oracle goes beyond visuals, incorporating game mechanics that add an engaging and interactive dimension to the mystical experience as card dynamics shape spreads.

Meet the Artist

Born in the remote expanses of Superior, Wyoming, within the haunting embrace of the red desert, Neeff emerged as a creator with a unique touch. His craft is a Mercurian endeavor, a meticulous dance of deconstruction and reconstruction, delivering messages from the ethereal, presenting puzzles, and orchestrating plays. Rooted in the sparseness of his birthplace, his work carries the spirit of liberation, seeking to free the "user" from conventional understandings.

Neeff's artistic journey has garnered global recognition, with his creations finding homes in collections around the world. His enigmatic pieces have graced the halls of museums, inviting viewers into a realm where boundaries blur, and conventional norms yield to the allure of the unconventional.

Here he is pictured with his wild Raven, Omen.

Praise for the Mercury Oracle

We cannot help but be drawn to things that are imbued with quality, things that in their totality have been so thoughtfully imagined that we immediately know we are holding something special. The Mercury Oracle is such a thing. As an author of multiple Tarot decks, and as a discerning human obsessed with spiritual growth and the metaphysical, I am amazed by the freshness of Neeff’s interpretations, writing style, and visuals. In a world swimming with tarot and oracle decks, The Mercury Oracle stands out as an original, a powerful, mysterious and friendly tool to move you forward. I’ll be working with this deck for a very, very long time. 

-Jason Gruhl, Author of The Fountain Tarot