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The Mercury Oracle

Orb Weaver

Orb Weaver

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The orb weaver sits at the center of her web: a wheel. She deeply understands how the past and the future come together in the present moment. This wisdom is evident in her numerous legs, eyes, and body form, all representative of the number 8. 8 symbolizes the passage of time and the concept of infinity. The wheel of the year, indicating the changing seasons, also reflects the significance of this number.
Spiders are the guardians of ancient language, weaving letters into their intricate silk homes. They are the keeper of the letter and the word and the story.
Like Maya, the weaver of illusions, her lessons lie in using what we have to create abundance, home and turn our dreams into our destiny here and now. With care and beauty, she weaves her web: the home where she raises her eggs, captures her prey, and the Orb Weaver even goes so far as to decorate by loosely knitting thick bands of silk artfully into her designs. She knows that her venom can kill, and she is the master of her domain, patiently waiting as the wheel turns.
Metaphors: artistry, ancient wisdom, good luck, patience, destiny, fate, death and rebirth, the wheel of time

This expansions includes 1 card and 1 page booklet entry

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