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The Mercury Oracle



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The mysterious Octopus has incredible flexibility that extends to every aspect of its being. Its body can assume any desired shape, and its adaptable intelligence enables it to use tools creatively to solve challenging situations. Additionally, the Octopus can change the color and shape of its skin to camouflage itself and communicate through pulsating colors. It wears its words and emotions on its ever-changing skin. The Octopus is a shapeshifter and a master of illusion, capable of seamlessly blending into its surroundings by utilizing its natural mimicry abilities.
With nine brains, she joins us during periods of higher learning to aid in our advancement. Her intelligence and psychic abilities help us overcome obstacles and retain information. She even employs her tentacles to think and perceive, experiencing and observing everything in her surroundings.
Her psychic abilities invite us to embrace the unknown and discover the hidden gifts within. Like the daring curiosity of an octopus, she may sometimes risk losing a limb, but there’s no need to worry. As a symbol of regeneration, she can quickly grow back what she has lost.
Metaphors: flexibility, creativity, regeneration, cleverness, camouflage, intelligence, illusion, the unknown

This expansions includes 1 card and 1 page booklet entry

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