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The Mercury Oracle

Luna Moth

Luna Moth

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Meeting a Luna Moth is a rare occasion. In her adult life, she only lives to fly for a week and does not eat because she has no mouth. Her purpose is to find a mate, make love, lay eggs, and start the cycle again. With such a short lifespan, the Luna Moth reminds us to use our time wisely and spread love like her wings under the mysterious moonlight.
The creature completely dissolves into imagined cells within its cocoon to transform into a moth. These cells, known as imaginal cells, envision a new and perfected version of the moth that embodies pure feminine intention and spirit. After a solitary retreat, the moth sheds her former self and emerges as a renewed being, ready to soar freely.
Releasing what we have known of ourselves can be intimidating. Still, the Luna Moth reminds us that by trusting in the process and exercising patience, the journey toward becoming the best version of ourselves can be a beautiful and genuine new beginning.
Metaphors: new beginnings, intuition, rebirth and transformation, femininity, the Moon, love, higher self

This expansions includes 1 card and 1 page booklet entry

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