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The Mercury Oracle

House Cat

House Cat

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A natural zen master, the house cat finds joy in basking in the Sun, stretching her limbs, and closing her eyes. She spends much of her day sleeping and relaxing wherever she pleases. The world provides her comfort when she is at ease, and her priority is to be at ease. Taking care of herself is not a routine she skips; she understands the importance of self-care and even makes a daily effort to stay flexible by stretching.
Although cats are seen as solitary creatures, they enjoy company and seek attention, sometimes demanding it. Their need for pets, praise, and playtime reminds us that these things are essential for our well-being and that life is more enjoyable when shared with others.
With their free-willed nature, it is impossible to scorn a cat, as they cleverly respond by misbehaving even more.
Metaphors: curiosity, the nighttime, clever, agility, zen, elegance, curiosity, independence, protection, magic, mischief, companionship, grace, intelligence, cunning

This expansions includes 1 card and 1 page booklet entry

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