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The Mercury Oracle



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Glints of shining iridescence darting through the reeds surely signify the magnificent Dragonfly. A symbol of the magic entering your life, the Dragonfly shows us that our awareness and ability are increasing. The Dragonfly’s anatomy is unparalleled in the animal and insect kingdoms. His eyes provide a 360-degree view of the world, allowing him to avoid conflict and spot opportunities. His fixed wings enable him to fly upside down, backward, and sideways. A perfect combination of agility and awareness makes the Dragonfly the world’s deadliest hunter, catching almost 100% of his prey.
If the Dragonfly enters your life, he tells us that the gestation time is over; it is time to go after what we seek. Our skills are such that there can be no failure. After all, it takes two years of living as a vulnerable flightless underwater nymph to emerge as the shining acrobatic hunter that we see zipping through marshes.
Metaphors: agility, achieving goals, success after a period of gestation, faeries, increased magical awareness, zeroing in

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