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The Mercury Oracle



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Slyly, the clever coyote laughs; he knows something you do not. His clever tenacity makes him one of the most resourceful spirits on the land. He often appears to us when we need to think on our feet. Coyote is an expert at getting out of sticky situations. He can work tirelessly and strategically, sometimes making plans with other coyotes.

Coyote knows precisely who he is, so he can easily laugh. He asks you not to kid yourself, see and laugh about any foibles that have set you back, and move bravely on with cunning in your heart. He tells us to Organize to get what we desire and let the mysterious light of the Moon guide us through the dark unknown.
Metaphors: resourcefulness, humor, agility, thinking on your feet, organization, tireless persistence

This expansions includes 1 card and 1 page booklet entry

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